MOVING... Minus The Headache

Setting up your electric, tv, internet, security and insurance no longer requires late night researching, countless browser tabs, dozens of calls and endless holding. Save the migraine. We’ll take it from here.


  1. CALL or CLICK
    Tell us the what/where/when. We do the dirty work of researching options
    Select your service(s). We enroll and take everything home to the finish line*
  3. DONE
    Get back to living. We curate a text/email with all the pertinent info on your new services

* Verbal confirmation of legal disclosures may be required depending on your provider(s) of choice

Thank you again for your help in setting my electricity! After receiving an email from my apartment stating the first bill was under their name and I had to pay them for it, my power went out. 5 days of scavenging around you helped solve that problem in just 30min, even after a long day for you(“you are appreciated”). That is one monkey off my back that was really taken a toll on me mentally, coming home to the dark. You’re awesome and my kitty cat, Olivia and I thank you!

Samuel O.

I love it! Cuts out the hassle of calling 10 different people to change services. They did my electric, renters insurance, and even set up our wifi for the new move. Would recommend their service to anyone looking to save some time and cut out stress. I’ve recommended this to my entire family!

Graham Z.

VIP Concierge Team has been a Godsend! I have been working with Leigha for a while now and she is nothing short of amazing. She is quick to reply, takes care of my clients and keeps me informed every step of the way. She sends me what I need and is so sweet and professional. I am so happy to be able to work with her! Thank you, Leigha!!


I have worked with VIP Concierge Team for a few years now. It has always been a professional, convenient and effective experience. Good people, great services, super customer service!!


You did a phenomenal job breaking down everything for me and answering every question I had. 10/10 recommend 🙂

Jasmin U. Referral Partner

Christa was super helpful and patient. This service makes its so convenient to move. A couple things less to do or look for while moving. I enjoyed my experience with Christa and would definitely use this service again on my next move

Nnambi C.

We’re a really busy apartment community, and VIP Concierge Team gives our customers a really easy way to connect utilities for residents and new move ins. Leigha is a great partner for the on-site apartment managers.



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