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Christa was very helpful in assisting my setup. She is diligent, honest and has a positive vibe. We had everything knocked out in a precise and timely manner. I couldn’t ask for more. Thank you again Christa!!! ~LCPL Hanuna RET

Damien Hanuna

Josue did a great job helping me with my first time getting everything I need!

Chandler Ridge White

This was one of the best experience I have ever had when it comes to moving. They help to take that worry from you.

Cedrie Woods

Christa made me feel so relaxed because one call does it all is what she did.  She called me Sherrie Lynn and I loved it. Christa is a good person to have in your corner. Thank you so very much for your expertise!!!!

Sherrie Lynn Green

Maria Mandujano

VIP concierge team have been a pleasure to work with! I’ve always worked with Leigha and her group have always responded quickly, gotten everything set up for incoming tenants, and sent documentation directly to the office. Which makes the move in process so much smoother. I’ve taken her with me to multiple properties and will continue to do so! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


I must say that Chris Sesti has provided invaluable assistance to me throughout all my leasing assignments and contracts. I was always treated with the utmost respect and never was disrespected. Chris was professional, charismatic, and timely in absolutely every step. I will definitely not hesitate to refer VIP to others in my field. It was a great experience


I love this service for our residents! We get a lot of people moving from out of state, so they are unfamiliar with local utilities and just don’t have the time to do all the research. But LEAH at VIP is so personable and professional! She makes it so easy to partner with and is such a great resource to our residents! I’m always getting compliments about VIP! Thank you for making my job easier!


Dom Roa Referral Partner

Josue was great, 10/10 perfect!

Fara Fadamiro

I love the service!

Blanca Leticia Zuniga

Chris and his team took such great care of my residents I decided to use VIP concierge for my personal move. I am now saving a noticeable amount of money on my renters insurance and electricity. Thanks Chris!


Josue helped me to register programs well and he explained again and again when I did not understand fully. Thank you for your assistance!

Dongyeon Lee

Christa came thru for me in such a short time, I appreciate the effort and dedication in such a short notice. Thank you, thank you!

Vanessa Donaldson

Ann C

VIP Concierge is great because they offer multiple services and theres no need to call multiple companies. Chris is such a great help! I definitely recommend this company it helped all my future residents with their needs🙌

Rosa Martinez Referral Partner

Christa was super sweet and very helpful. I am getting my first apartment. There’s a lot of stress as my move-in date quickly approaches. Christa helped a stressed-out teacher feel more prepared to start a new chapter in life. Thank you again!

Matthew M.

Josue with the VIP Concierge team went above and beyond helping me switch light companies as i was paying way too much with my previous light company . Great job !

Angela Alvarado

When I say Josue got me all the way together!! I feel truly blessed new to area, Didn’t even have to do anything but talk to Him and it was done! Everything! I highly Recommend! Without him this transition would have been a slightly difficult! Again Thanks Josue 💪🏽

Jordan Washington

Josue was amazing with helping me get in the right direction for a good reliable electricity company and spoke clearly about all my options

Brandon DeSpain

From the day I started working with Leigha and VIP, the attention to detail has been phenomenal. I refer all my residents who are looking for great services. The staff are outstanding. The overall experience is very professional. I absolutely love the feedback that my residents give!!! I would highly recommend contacting Leigha, she is very fast at what she does and is always there to help with any questions or concerns.


Chris does all the heavy lifting and is a true lifesaver to me all of my new Move-Ins! Utility providers can be misleading, especially in TX, but VIP Concierge takes the headache out of finding reasonable and trustworthy providers that fit your individual usage requirements.


Josue was real great he was very patient with me and got the job done fast

Erica Williams

Amazing service, highly recommended to friends! Josue made process easy!

Luis Trevino

Great!! Josue was helpful, informative, clear and fast! Got it all set up in under 30 mins!


I’ve been working with Chris Sesti for several months now, and hands down the best rep ever, whenever I have a client that needs any utilities I never hesitate to refer them to the concierge team, 10/10 recommend!

Cynthia Alvarenga Referral Partner

Josue was such a pleasure to work with! He explained things without me having to prompt or ask anything myself. He made the whole thing so smooth and I can’t thank him enough! He’s amazing at what he does!

Taylor Murphy

Exelente servicio muy agradable Preocupado por dar el mejor servicio y que el cliente entienda y comprenda perfectamente

Oscar Ordonez

Actualmente disfruto de los servicios que pudo ofrecerme el Sr. Josué, muchas gracias por contactarme y darme mejores planes.!


I’m so thankful to be working with such a professional team. Working with Chris has been the greatest experience. He is super helpful and easy to work with. Even on immediate move ins he makes the process so smooth. Thank you VIP Concierge ☺️


Had a good experience Josue was very professional and helpful thanks

Just Mark

Naim was incredibly helpful during my moving process. The VIP Concierge team provides excellent service and it made my transition smooth and stress free!

Elizabeth A.

VIP Concierge streamlines everything for my incoming residents and makes it all very easy. Their services are exactly what I needed to take some of the weight off of my shoulders, as well as my customers’. I recommend them to everyone that leases with me. Never have to worry about their customer service as it’s top notch!


My man Josue was informative with my options and prompt with service! A one call solution very thankful to be pointed in the right direction to get me all set up! I highly recommend!

Rommelle Miller

I have worked with Jyl since 2017, she is the most professional and helpful person I have ever meet. She makes sure to get clients taken care of quickly. I absolutely adore this woman, she needs a raise! Jyl, you know wherever I go I take you with me!

Chelsey Dekle

Leigha is the best! She always makes sure to take great care of the residents I send her way and I always hear positive feedback from the residents after using the service!

Andrea Whiteley Referral Partner

Kymberly Garcia

Quick and concise service from Josue. This was exactly what I was looking for with my busy schedule.


I fully appreciate Josue’s thoughtful service. He is very professional and has a generous patience that repeatedly explains until I understand. I am so happy to meet a great agent, Josue, just after landing new city. Thank you, Josue!

Hanchang Kwon

Leigha with VIP Concierge Team is the best, they all work quickly and efficiently to complete the process for prospective tenants with your property. They make the move in process quicker and have always been reliable. 10/10 will send people again.


Excelente servicio muy amable y paciente

Maynor Sarmiento

Me atendió Josue… excelente servicio … muchas gracias



Aleah F.

Jay @ Block 334

Christa Clements was very helpful and patient . spoke clearly friendly .

Wayne Smith

Thanks you for the great services JOSUE, 10/10 recommend.!


It’s the first time that I contract energy for my apartment and I’m surprised by the attention, speed and efficiency with which they work. I want to especially thank Josue for the attention and great job he did in helping me and answering all my questions quickly and efficiently, a service 10/10

Marcos Duran

The VIP Concierge offers fast and amazing services. Its like a one stop shop via one phone call. They make getting everything set up for your move in so easy. Everyone is so professional and helpful… especially Leigha, she is AWESOME!!! I love her!!! I highly recommend the VIP concierge team to anyone moving or needing to change/get services.

Lakesha D.

VIP Concierge Team provides excellent service to my residents! It’s easy for my residents to set up their electric, renters insurance and cable and the best part is that VIP sends me the confirmation of everything whether it be renters insurance or electric and it makes the move in so much easier and smoother. My current residents love their services as well!


Christa was amazing! Very helpful, answered all questions!

I have been on board for a few months with Jyl and she is prompt, easy going and will connect services for my residents! The process is so much easier! Will continue to use VIP!!
Chanel Townsend

Ive been working with Chris Sesti and he is such a sweetheart. He always answers my questions or concerns. He is on top of getting my residents their needs taken care of. But What I love the most is he checks up on me to make sure im doing ok. This makes me feel part of the family. Definitely worth working with! All around great team work!

Maria Lopez Referral Partner

Lot of thanks for Marco for quick service!


Excelente servicio al cliente… mi experiencia ha sido muy agradable… Josue Martínez es un muy buen asesor… es muy profesional y ofrece soluciones precisas y acorde a la necesidades del cliente… Gracias


A huge thank you to Chris Sesti and his team for always giving our residents that VIP attention to their move in process. He is quick to reply to me, my residents, and gets them great rates on their services without them having to lift a finger. Wow!!!! Now that’s what I a call a VIP Concierge Team. Chris you are by far the most personable rep I have worked with in the property management industry. Thank you!!!!

Josue took care of all my needs and offered very competitive prices that beat everyone. I tried shopping for all the services they offered to me at the time: renters insurance, electricity, and internet. All of which I signed up for with VIP Concierge. I’m rather impressed that they streamlined the whole setup. I highly recommend!!
Taylor Dusek

I absolutely recommend VIP Concierge Team. Fast and easy process helping residents set up utilities customized to each property’s specific criteria.

Rock Star Leasing

Everything was setup over the phone and I didn’t understand anything. Josue explained to me with ease. It was very simple and easy.

Ethan Dorries
Josue is so sweet he helped me get everything set up within minutes and he’s very friendly, thank you so much Josue!

We’re a really busy apartment community, and VIP Concierge Team gives our customers a really easy way to connect utilities for residents and new move ins. Leigha is a great partner for the on-site apartment managers.


Amanda Fernandez

Josue was so awesome, patient, informative, and very attentive . I loved having him as a rep. Thanks Josue :))

Daneisha H.

Josue was incredible in helping me get my electricity, WiFi, and renters insurance setup.. VIP Concierge Team really has it together!!


Josue was the best! this was my first apt and he helped me set up my energy, renters insurance, and internet! very kind and patient as well! will recommend 🙂 5/5!!


Had the pleasure to work with Josue, love the service he was very helpful it went pretty smoothly

Alexis Fierros

Amanda Divinity

VIP Concierge Team will cut through the confusing power, internet, home security and renter’s insurance options and get you the best prices and service on all of your home utility needs! AND it’s a completely free service! I can’t recommend it highly enough. The entire team is a joy to work with, and they bring outstanding knowledge and a personal touch to every interaction. 10/10 would recommend!


Cameron Gabehart

Well where do I start? Leigha and VIP Concierge Team have been nothing but amazing since the start of our working relationship almost 2 years ago. Whenever I recommend someone to them it’s always easy, quick, and efficient. They are always professional, I’ve never had any problems. I highly recommend using them, especially if you’re a Leasing Professional. It will make your life way better!

Mackenzie Referral Partner

Josue was professional, polite, and patient in our work with VIP Concierge Team. We appreciate him very much!

Ed Fisk

We have had so many good experiences with VIP Concierge. They make everything so easy for me and my new residents! 10/10 recommended!

Shelbi J. Referral Partner

I love it! Cuts out the hassle of calling 10 different people to change services. They did my electric, renters insurance, and even set up our wifi for the new move. Would recommend their service to anyone looking to save some time and cut out stress. I’ve recommended this to my entire family!

Graham Z.

Great service, I made a minor mistake and he helped me right away with no questions ask. Loved their customer service just perfect


Love it, no long waits! Best quotes, very respectful!

Stephen Joseph

You did a phenomenal job breaking down everything for me and answering every question I had. 10/10 recommend 🙂

Jasmin U. Referral Partner

Vip has been really great with my clients who needs a one stop shop for the lowest rate! Love working with them and their website has made it so easy to put my leads in!

Andy T. Referral Partner
I have heard nothing but positive feedback from every resident we recommended to VIP. They love how much time they have saved and the convenience. VIP is the best thing I’ve seen in my decades of property management.
Michele E.

Bottom line: streamline your life with VIP! No more hounding move-ins for power or insurance info, the team at VIP will set your new residents up in just minutes and email all of the account numbers and decs pages directly to your email. Leigha, Naim, Marco … the whole team is amazing.



My concierge representative was the best. He was thorough as well as patient and helpful. Josue is very knowledgeable and will definitely use his services again if needed.

Karen C.

Christa made the VIP service process seamless. She professional and very efficient and very easy to work with.

Sylvia P

Josue provides great customer service and makes sure and help me all the way. Josue gets the job done!!!

Crystal Gutierrez

Fast and easy! Thank you to Josue for the best service. I was able to switch over with no problems and he made that happen. Very helpful and accommodating.


Absolutely loved the quick response and sign up for moving in for set up on everything I needed. Thank you

BJ Parra

Omg!!!! Leigh is the best ever. She helped me so much with all my questions and was the sweetest most kindest person ever to talk to on the phone. If you’re not working with Leah and VIP what are you doing. Get to it.


Been working with Chris and VIP services since 2021. It’s been fast, easy and simple and I’ve made easy money along the way. Chris has always answered any questions or concerns I have had. No complaints here. Thanks Chris and VIP!


Oscar was very helpful. He made the process of getting everything taken care of, so easy!

Karisa Watson

Josue was a pleasure to talk to. Everything was explained to my understanding making my move in process just that much easier. I would highly recommend VIP Concierge Team to others I know. Thank you again Josue!


Josue was awesome! Top notch customer service! I highly recommend this company! Thank you Josue!

Jon Nitardy

VIP Concierge Team are so convenient and make it so easy to reach out to prospects and let them know they have options and 1 call is all it takes 😁


Christa was so amazing she went above and beyond to help me get everything set up for my electricity as well as my renters insurance and she did not stop until she found me a great plan for rental insurance I’ve never had to get rental insurance before so she explained to me what I needed and what good it would do me to have certain aspects of rental insurance and she was absolutely wonderful throughout my whole experience and it really made me moving into a new town and a new area new apartment so much easier than if I would have had to figure it out on my own she went above and beyond and didn’t stop searching when we couldn’t find rental coverage in my area so today I now have renters insurance thanks to Christa and her hard work and I really appreciate everything that she has done to help make my move easier and a lot less stressful. She is an amazing part of your team and I hope everyone who works with her sees it as well.


VIP Concierge Team has been a Godsend! I have been working with Leigha for a while now and she is nothing short of amazing. She is quick to reply, takes care of my clients and keeps me informed every step of the way. She sends me what I need and is so sweet and professional. I am so happy to be able to work with her! Thank you, Leigha!!


Very nice and helpful! Got my renters insurance and wifi set up in about 40 mins!

Dyjana Flourry-Moore

Chris McK

I was Guided by Josue who made my moving in process much easier!

Dave Tennessee

I got lucky to have talked to Marco he was fast and easy all under 10 min I would recommend him to other people.

Antonio Hernandez

I have worked with VIP Concierge Team for a few years now. It has always been a professional, convenient and effective experience. Good people, great services, super customer service!!


The VIP Concierge Team is great, fast, welcoming! I always recommend their services to all move in residents!


Gracias Señor Josue porque es muy amable y le dio solución a mis necesidades. Lo recomiendo


Josue Martinez was very helpful and knowledgeable of my questions. He was very patient with me when I asked my questions and helped me figure out what was best for me!! Thank you, Josue!!


Josue was professional and polite. I just want to say thank you for your help

William Henderson

Josue Martinez is absolutely fantastic. I recently set up a new lease for a new apartment and was referred to these services by my property manager. Josue immediately took care of any major issues with very fast responses and an outstanding attitude. He provided easy to understand information about electricity, renters insurance, and internet service for my new address. 10/10 would recommend. Very friendly very approachable very amazing!

Amit K.

Chris and his team are fantastic! My team absolutely loves working with them. Our residents have stated that it made their whole moving process so easy and convenient! We are so thankful to be working with such great people!

James Lozano

Excelente atención de parte del Sr Josue desde el primer momento. Atento y muy a gusto con su servicio. Recomendado

Regulo Benitez

Leigha, Leigha, Leigha!!! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!! VIP would not be VIP because of you. You are awesome in every thing you do! I will definitely be recommending more people to you!

Marcus Shrubs
Christa Clements has gone absolutely above and beyond for me! She got me all set up with my wifi for my new apartment, and followed up with me when she found a sale for a security system I was interested in. She was able to hook me up with a great deal!! I will definitely be using VIP Concierge whenever possible in the future. It feels like having your own private secretary because she takes away all the pain of researching different options online and setting things up! I honestly don’t understand how this is a free service, it blows my mind. Thank you Christa!!
Jane Giles

Great customer service!

Coy Cormier

I would like to speak on VIP Concierge Team. Such quick & easy access once potential clients call for services. They have such a sweet liaison Leigha who goes out & promote their service and she is always straight forward and accurate on everything. If you haven’t considered their services, you should! Thank you VIP! Keep up the great work!


Josue was Excellent! Thank you!!!

Ken Cornist

Will Hawk

Very good!! Josue was prepared


Jyl and the rest of the staff at VIP Home Services provide the most effective residential services assistance, bar none. The number of times they have assisted my residents be lease compliant with last minute moves are innumerable. From internet to insurance and back to utilities; their service is so quick you’ll need a neck brace. Their service comes with my highest recommendation.

Matthew Henry

Super helpful and convient when moving into a new state! Josue was extremely professional and kind towards me and my circumstances! Really grateful for this team during my moving process.


I’ve been working with Leigh @ VIP for a year now and I love her! The customer service is always top notch with her and I know my residents are in great hands when I send them to her!! Thank you for all you do for us Leigha!


Josue was really helpful setting things up for my dad. He even answered his phone during his lunchbreak and helped us out. Thanks very much Josue!


I had the pleasure of working with Marco for my energy services and he was fantastic!! He guided me the whole way through!! He was compassionate about my lost and very caring!! We couldn’t get lights the prepaid company had a switch hold on my account and he worked majic!! I really didn’t know people cared about things like this!!! Marco thanks so much for providing awesome service for me and my animals!!!

Latrice Brooks

Jose was excellent helped me with everything and took his time I appreciate his service.

Coletra Washington

Naim was great, we got renters insurance, internet, and electricity set up in less than 20 minutes. highly recommend

Tyllidra I.

Josue was amazing, checking in and being sure that I understood everything being told to me. Super easy for someone like me who isn’t familiar with all of the utilities etc. Josue did my electric and renters insurance. Would recommend their service to anyone looking to save some time!

Chasidy Brandon

Christa was very well informed on the services provide, she was very pleasant to speak with. Expectional customer service experience with Christa!!!

Jerrolyn Robertson

Christa was super helpful and patient. This service makes its so convenient to move. A couple things less to do or look for while moving. I enjoyed my experience with Christa and would definitely use this service again on my next move

Nnambi C.

Josue was extremely helpful with setting up my electricity and internet. Amazing customer and will definitely call back if I need anything else or refer a friend

Natalie R.

I am very satisfied with the excellent customer service of Josue Martinez, he is very knowledgeable about the information he offers to customers and offers quick and timely solutions.

Juan R

Josue is very patient and good at solving problems. I highly recommend Josue and the team to you.


Good fast friendly very informative and helpful service from Josue would recommend also calling back for many more services !!!

Luis Rivera

Josue was amazing. He helped me set up 3 service fast. Thank you for making this easy for me.

Noralva Arvizu

Christa was quite literally the best service I’ve received throughout my entire move-in process at my new apartment. She explained my options clearly and thoroughly, making sure I understood the differences completely, and made the entire process as easy as possible. She checked in on me again to make sure everything had been processed and her service was a breath of fresh air among the mess of logistics there usually is when moving to an apartment. Very friendly and couldn’t recommend her highly enough!

Melissa C.


Jovani Alvarez

Moving to another state can be extremely overwhelming. Trying to find a place to stay along with utilities when you are unfamiliar with new companies can suck the joy right out of it. However if you have MARCO on your team, you are winning! He went above and beyond to make sure we had services in place. Still working through my move, I had so many calls to make, but Marco made most on my behalf and really only called me when it was time for me to do my part. He asked the questions in the beginning needed to figure out what services would best suite me and took it from there. VIP really does help take the sting out of moving, I would highly recommend this service to everyone! Thanks again for helping with our move.


Melissa Ayala

If you’re lucky enough to experience the quality service that VIP provides, you’ll definitely be in for a treat! Even more-so if you have the opportunity to work with Leigha…she’s a jewel! Her customer service goes beyond measure and she always makes sure that her clients are well taken care of. Using this service is one of the best decisions I’ve made and it will be yours too!


Josue with VIP Concierge team help me set up everything I needed for my new place! Thank you for the service!

Summer Landa

Quiero agradecer a Josué, por su paciencia y acompañamiento en la instalación de los servicios en mi nuevo apartamento🙏 Una atención oportuna, eficaz y respetuosa♥️


The lady who helped me was super sweet and knowledgeable about everything i was asking. And she worked quick and i felt like she really did care about helping me


Thank you again for your help in setting my electricity! After receiving an email from my apartment stating the first bill was under their name and I had to pay them for it, my power went out. 5 days of scavenging around you helped solve that problem in just 30min, even after a long day for you(“you are appreciated”). That is one monkey off my back that was really taken a toll on me mentally, coming home to the dark. You’re awesome and my kitty cat, Olivia and I thank you!

Samuel O.

I love it!  It makes moving people in much easier for me and for my moves ins.  I get to make sure they get set up for the services they are looking for.  Who knew it could be this easy?

Kimberly Salazar

Josue Martinez of VIP Concierge Team has far exceded my expectations for outstanding attention. He explained all the ins and outs of the available services and helped me make the best choices according to my needs. His follow-up has been stellar as well.

Mary Martha

Fantastic company, extremely helpful. I recently started working for a real estate investment company and they decided to start flipping houses again. They were so helpful in getting things setup and helping me keep track of all the houses we had started services at. I would definitely recommend them!


Christa was beyond helpful and made the process so much easier!

Lizzie B.

I just want to let you know how amazing Jyl is. She’s always so professional, and great customer service. Anytime any of my ladies or myself has questions she is always on top of it. I’ve worked with others from another company and I’d rather only use Jyl. It’s always a great pleasure to see her. Thank you again, The Reserve at Village Creek staff.

Jamie Kostuk

Working with The VIP Concierge Team has been Phenomenal! The team here at Trails At City Park is thrilled to receive such great incentives as well as The VIP Team making our residents happy, thank you for all you do!

Travonta "TJ" Johnson

Thanks again for everything, much gratitude and appreciation

Don T.

JOSUE…My interactions w/Josue was, Aawweeesome! He was very professional & accommodating @ every turn. My first time getting renters insurance & Josue was an Awesome agent…Thanks A Big Bunch, Josue!!!



Tammy Chavious


I just want to say that Leigh is a great help and makes everything very easy for me. I would be lost with out her by my corner.


Amazing customer service.. Josue has been very professional and very awesome, Thank you very much for all your help !


Quiero agradecer a Josué, por su paciencia y acompañamiento en la instalación de los servicios en mi nuevo apartamento🙏 Una atención oportuna, eficaz y respetuosa♥️


VERY professional and made sure I had all that I needed before getting off the phone

Stephen Joseph

Josué me atendió de una forma detallada y eso me agradó el querer contratar mis servicios.


I just started working with Leigha, she is wonderful and so helpful! I recommend VIP to anyone looking for affordable rates & great customer service!

Elizabeth Bryant

Sade Hackett

From the first conversation I had with Christa, I knew I was in good hands. She was informative, patient, and paid attention to detail. If it wasn’t for her, the struggle to switch my service to my new address would have overwhelmed me. Thank you!

Ryan Swart

How easy and painless this was! Josue was so polite and professional. Thank you for such an easy set up for electric!!


Christa provides the best customer service. She’s kind, patient and knowledgeable all of which has made my experience and relocation as easy as possible! Every time I speak with her she answers all of my questions and is very consistent.

Brandace Printers

I absolutely recommend VIP Concierge Team.They are Fast and easy process helping residents set up utilities it also makes move ins faster


Very easy and fast. Thank you!


Just wanted to say Thank You for the great services you have provided my for our clients. I will continue to recommend you as a great provider for the home services. My clients are very happy with the assistance setting up their electric, internet, etc. Thank you for the rewards, we appreciate you!

Sarah Gonzalez
The V.I.P Concierge Team is everything! They are always fast, efficient and super professional. I love referring my new residents to them cause i know they will be taken care of with no problems and will always receive V.I.P Services!
Mackenzie Linzy Referral Partner

Our property has used VIP Apartment services for quite sometime. Our future move ins enjoy the all in one services. Great team to work with!!


Josue assisted me with my services and I appreciate his help since I am new to the area and didn’t know how to set up my services. Thank you!

Renee Johnson


How easy and painless this was! Josue was so great and professional. Thank you for such an easy set up with everything!


Josue was extremely helpful, patient and a pleasure to deal with. He was extremely professional and courteous as well!

Josue is super helpful!

Josue did an awesome job setting me up for services.

Bilda Montoya

Josue was amazingly helpful! He is the fourth person I have talked to at Ambit energy. He is the ONLY one that took the time to work with me! He understood my issue with getting new commercial service! He checked on addresses, meter boxes and ESID. He was courteous and patient! I am so impressed with him! Good job Josue! God bless you!

Linda Short

Josue was incredibly helpful and efficient. Made the whole process seamless.


I’ve used VIP services for some time and would recommend them to others. Leigha is very helpful and professional. The program is free and easy to use

Marsha Ortiz

Josue is an excellent CSR. He took time to listen, answered my questions. Was patient with my requests and always available. He went above and beyond!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Mercy N.

I really appreciate you for your assistance today! 🙏🏾😘❤️

Tonya J.

Very good communication with customer service agent Josue

Nicholas Austin Mims

Josue, wonderful customer service. I hope this man gets a raise and promotion. Very kind and patient.

Hong Phan


Movika Tamang

Chris has been awesome to work with. So quick with responding to my needs. Keep up the good work!☺️


I have really enjoyed using VIP as our concierge service. It’s so simple and easy to set up everything all at once. Thanks for taking the stress out of my resident’s big move day!


Josue was so helpful and kind! I was so confused and they made everything much clearer! He was very helpful and I cannot recommend using him enough!

Abigail Beam

I have been working with Chris Sesti for some time now and I highly recommend VIP Concierge Team to assist with making your move in go smoothly! Even if you’re not moving into a new residence, you can still use them and their services when switching. I used their services a few times myself. The entire team is very nice, understanding and very helpful! I will continue to support and recommend the VIP CONCIERGE TEAM.

Jasmine Diaz from Summerstone Apartments

Excellent customer service . Very professional and prompt. I recommend VIP!

Victoria R. Perez

Quiero darle las gracias a Josué por su atención amabilidad y paciencia q me brindo para los servicios mi nuevo apartamento. Gracias Josué🙏


I have worked with Leigha at VIP for over 4 years and she is phenomenal! She responds to our calls and texts immediately and is always willing to help with any questions or concerns we may have! I have referred her to my sister properties and will continue to work with her as long as I am in the business!!

Maria Chaparro

Muy agradecida con la paciencia y dedicación de JOSUE excelente profesional a la hora de tratar con el público lo recomendaría y daría una medalla de felicitaciones…. gracias muchas gracias

Ynes Ramirez
Josue is Amazing.

Winea Doyle

We were in need of electricity right then and there & Josue was extremely helpful and accommodating. I am working with one of my older residents and he took the time to help us get lights turned on the same day!



Leigha is always reliable and helpful when we have last minute move ins and we get what we need right on time. We highly recommend VIP.

Dalia M. Referral Partner

Christa was very helpful in setting me up with various services! She is Informed and truly has the customer’s best interest in mind. She helped me set up utilities for my new apartment. she’s great!


Oscar was very patient and professional when he set up my services! Nothing has ever been easier!! Thank you so much.

Tanya Weitzman

Working with Chris is great, I’m happy to have him help my new residents. Always get the work done!

Maricela Referral Partner

What an awesome experience it has been working with Concierge Team. They are professional, super kind and very knowledgeable, let’s not forget fast… I will continue to refer them any chance I have. Thank you Jyl for all your hard work.

Richard Vazquez

Oscar was great!! Definitely 5 stars!!


Great customer service!

J. Rollins

I absolutely love working with VIP. Not only do they provide amazing customer service, they make sure all our residence have electricity and any other service they may need before move in. It’s a one stop shop. Leigha herself is amazing and always makes sure the people I refer to her are setup within minutes. Thank you Leigha for all that you do.


Oscar with the VIP Concierge provided amazing customer service! He was efficient and very helpful!

Shayla W.

Leigha has been an awesome vendor for us here at Woodhill Apts. Very responsive and helpful. I love how easy it is just to pass her information cards in my move in packets to help them get their electric set up. I can depend upon her to take care of my new residents and know they are getting a good rate.


Christa was a great help and worked with my schedule to make things easier. Excellent communication


Chris is professional and amazing! Always keeps great communication and ensures everyone is informed about changes and always offers different option to residents that need it. Thank you for your attention to detail and just being awesome!

Karina Slaydon

Really nice and very helpful

Nyla Morris

Jyl is such an amazing person to work with! She provides GREAT customer service to our Residents that we refer to VIP! Thank you Jyl for all that you do!

Randi Clark Referral Partner

Good and professional service by Josue, and covered all the requirements.


Josue was very helpful in getting services set up for my new apt. He was very professional, knowledgeable and patient.


VIP Concierge Team is amazing, easy to contact, reliable, and professional. I have been referring clients for years. Leigh is always available to answer my questions at any time. They are very knowledgeable with all providers in the area, I feel confident to always hand out VIP business cards. I know they will be in good hands. The providers are all a good deal. Leigha is always positive and cares for the well being of every situation. However the review is more about the experience with quality and how VIP makes them feel like home. I will never hesitate to refer VIP Concierge Team. Thank you for existing and making it easy for me.


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